Sara Tommasi and her new film. New italian star or only a media phenomenon?

Advertising is the life of trade. Take a mediocre work, mount it with the necessary advertising campaign and, most importantly, find the right person to ride the wave. In this way, the "trash" becomes "cult." I’m a porn lover and a spectator who follows the industry for more than 20 years, I can not understand in Italy the current "Sara Tommasi mania". The former show girl of italian TV did discuss of herself last year for the release of her first porn movie. Honestly is a shoddy film, save only a few clips. Last year we dedicated a post to "My first time" (the title of the film) and we posted a clip on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2". From my point of view, as I said on that occasion, it is an inferior film. Sara Tommasi is undoubtedly beautiful and could become a good performer. The scene of group sex is not bad, the clip most beautiful is the triple cumshot at the end of the scene that Sara takes with sufficient ease.
What we have not at all understood is the dust raised by the same Sara Tommasi, who also reported that she had been drugged to shoot those scenes. On May 3, will be released on new film that sees Sara in the lead role, this time without drugs real or imagined. The title is "Vip, sex and power," a film that lasts over 2 hours with the participation of other actresses. Male partner of Sara Tommasi is Nando Colelli, grotesque character who had in the recent past a decent television fame thanks to the famous italian reality show "Big Brother." He had already tried his luck in the hardcore industry and was subjected to an audition with Sofia Gucci under the supervision of the late Riccardo Schicchi. The audition went very badly. Now Nando has been "recycled" for this film whose trailer has already clicked on the network.
I hope that this film is at least decent. As I pointed out in the post dedicated to Gloria Domini, the italian porn is not going through a great moment, and probably this is good advertising for the industry (it would certainly be better for the italian porn that a talented artist like Gloria returns on the set). But we think that porn is a serious thing and like all things series, which have behind them a job done by professionals, does not need to "circus freak." We hope, therefore, that it is a decent film and not just a media phenomenon. Sara Tommasi said recently to be convinced to do porn because she wants to give to the italians the same emotions caused by Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi and Eva Henger. We make our best wishes to this ambitious new actress but at the same time remind to her that she mentioned three great artists. If the quality level of the new film is the same as the first ... no offense to Sara, maybe she should change profession. But I do not like to judge a movie before I see it, I'm wait to seeing the vision of "Vip, sex and power." Meanwhile, here is the trailer ...